Religion is human’s attempts to get to God. Most religious systems require works as a way of improving oneself to be able to earn one’s way into heaven. This is very different than a having a relationship with Jesus Christ as our Lord since followers of Christ recognize that mankind is so inherently sinful that it is impossible to ever be able to do enough good works to earn entrance into heaven with God. Jesus came down from heaven and lived a perfect life without sin and the only way to get a relationship with our Heavenly Father is for a person to humbly ask Jesus to forgive their sins, repent of them, and through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ be saved.

Dr. Jay Smith is a 3rd generation missionary who was born in the Muslim section of India. He has spent his missionary career witnessing, developing apologetics, and researching polemics to Muslims. His and his associates research has uncovered an amazing amount of truth about Islam, which is very important because it is projected to become the world’s largest religion by 2050. He has had the courage to stand for Jesus Christ at Speaker’s Corner in London when almost nobody would do so. In addition he was willing to debate top Islamic Scholars on the reliability of the Bible and the Koran for many years now.

Jay is a pioneer in affirming the Bible as an accurate account of God’s history to Muslims as they have been taught the Bible has been changed and was unreliable for centuries. He has also become a pioneer in investigating if the Koran’s claims about Mecca and other claims after Muslims have questioned the validity of the Bibles for more than 1,000 years. The information his colleagues and he have found out about the origins of this major religion is quite remarkable. Therefore, the truth of Jay’s findings needs to be proclaimed to encourage followers of Christ that not only is the other religion’s deep skepticism towards the Bible false, there are some major issues with the other book that people need to consider.

With that said, Jay has condensed his Bible School course with 16 hours of his teachings into two 2-hour speeches that investigate different aspects of what he has found. The link for part 1 is and part 2 of his teachings is: These two teachings provide insight into the origins of what is soon to be the world’s largest religion. As followers of Christ we are commanded to love everyone no matter how resistant they may be to the gospel. The Lord wants Christians to have the courage to witness to people from this background in a way so that the truth of God’s love can touch the hearts of Islamic people as. We have been commissioned to make disciples of all nations and unreached people from this religion is a good place to start.