You built great buildings for meYou gave your money faithfully to meYou taught for me all those yearsYou did many things in my nameBut you did nothing with meI don’t want your buildingsI don’t want any of your moneyI don’t want you to do anything for meIf you don’t want to do anything with meYou never seek my planYou never ask me for my adviceYou never ask me what I’m trying to doYou never ask for me for my power You never stop to listen to my voiceI love youI care about your lifeI made you with a purposeI have a copy of the planI want only the best for youQuit seeking your own planQuit asking people for their opinionQuit trying to do it in your own strengthQuit doing it for showAnd Quit doing things without meI know your heartI know your purposeI know your desiresI know how to get thereAsk me and we can do it together

Poem by Beth Shoop