Living To Serve Him

Dr. Jim Marshall, Perspectives Coordinator & Instructor, Compassion International Volunteer, have served and participated in various church capacities.

I was desperately looking for truth in my late teens but was such a dogmatic atheist that I thought there was only one thing that could it not be–God. After a few years of trying everything; taking dangerous and foolish paths, my search ended when I finally accepted that Jesus Christ was the truth that I had longed for. It was humbling to admit that since I had a strong bias against Christianity, but I had to swallow my pride and face up to the reality of finding truth.

Accepting that Jesus is true meant I had to search my heart and mind to sort out what was true and what was not like my stubborn faith in the theory of evolution as it had incredible scientific flaws when viewed objectively. It was like reshuffling the cards in my soul and spirit to cleave to what is biblical truth and discard false beliefs I had.

This does not mean we know all the truth as we are learning every day since we are only finite. God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit are the only ones who know all the truth. Yet we value truth enough to be willing to seek it out. Please join as we journey together to grow our knowledge of the truth without minimizing the importance of love in the process.